LGBTQ+ PRIDE MONTH: Know the Story of the Month-Long Festival of Love

  • Serving alcohol to a gay person was illegal until 1966.
  • Until 1969 homosexuality was considered an illegal offense. However even until 1969, only some states legalized gay people.
  • It was illegal to wear less than three items of “gender-inappropriate” clothing. Cross-dressers were the most visible law-breakers.
  • RED for Life
  • ORANGE for healing
  • YELLOW for sunlight
  • GREEN for nature
  • BLUE for harmony
  • VIOLET for spirit
  • HOT PINK for sex
  • TURQUOISE for magic/art



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Aditi Agarwala

Aditi Agarwala


Always curious to learn new things. Grateful for everything that I have in my life.