Me, My Dad and the End of the Rainbow by Benjamin Dean — Book Review

Aditi Agarwala
3 min readMar 8, 2021


ME, MY DAD and The End of A RAINBOW by Benjamin Dean — Book Review Rainbows. What a beautiful word. But how the rainbow is formed is more beautiful. A combination of sunlight and dark clouds with rain. A perfect metaphor and an example that if we have both happiness and sadness balanced, life will be beautiful. Rainbows. It makes your day bright on a gloomy day and brighter on a sunny day. But what if you have some problematic situation and make it right or find its solution, travel towards the end of the rainbow? Sounds confusing yet interesting, right?

Adults love to think that us kids are dumb, but half the time we know way more than they give us credit for”

Such is the story of our little 12-year-old boy, Archie, who loves his mom and dad a lot, but he knows something is wrong. They always fight and quarrel and are never happy together. Things went so wrong that Archie’s dad moves out of the house. But being a 12-year-old genius, he was curious to know what exactly went wrong? Why were his parents always fighting? Why were they living separately? And this curiosity boosted him to find the answers to make everything right between his parents. But he doesn’t know from where he should start because he knows NOTHING! But a single crumpled piece of paper helped him know where he would find his answers at the end of a Rainbow. But the journey to reach the end of the rainbow was full of dangers and risks, and even if a single thing goes wrong, there can be horrible consequences. But does reaching the end of the rainbow solve all his problems and make things normal for his family?

Written by Benjamin Dean, ‘Me, My Dad and the end of the Rainbow’ is an innocent, adventurous journey to the end of the rainbow by Archie and his two best friends, Seb and Bell. The story has every emotion expressed so innocently and beautifully through a perspective of a 12-year-old boy who is just trying to bring his family back to normal. You will gasp, laugh, and cry. You will get butterflies too. And each of the feelings you feel is going to be so much lively. This book will give you tears of joy.

Benjamin Dean

“Hearts are traitors, aren’t they? No matter how relaxed you try to be, it will just slam away at your ribcage without a care in the world. It’s a huge inconvenience when you are trying to remain calm in the face of an emerging storm.”

This book is also an exceptional children’s book ( Age: 10+ years). The story will impart specific knowledge to the children whose parents usually find it challenging to communicate with their children. I recommend it for all age groups — from kids to teens to adults to senior citizens. Anyone and Everyone can read this book, and you fall in love with this book! Feel the rainbow come to you and give you butterflies as Archie takes you on this beautiful journey with him. So what are you waiting for? Join him in the adventure!

“One thing I’ve learned since then is that life can be delicate and frail but it can also be full of color and wonder. You just have to let in. And you must! You must let in!”

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