To Fall In Love or To Not To

Aditi Agarwala
3 min readFeb 9, 2022

“I think I am falling in love”, is one of the most exciting and scariest sentences at the same time. But most of the time, it feels scary. And it’s okay to feel it. But why does it feel so scary? Why does it feel so breathless? Falling in love makes you feel all sorts of emotions that you didn’t even know existed within you. And when you feel all these new things it is pretty normal to feel scary and breathless, isn’t it?

But if you love that person, don’t you think it’s worth taking that leap of faith and giving a shot to that relationship or at the very least confess to them how you feel about them. Because the feeling of “What if I had told” really sucks (been there).

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So, to fall in love or not, the answer to this question is pretty much, yes! Hell yes! Because falling in love is adventurous. It’s confusing yet soothing in its way.
But when you fall in love do not expect that person to stay with you forever, because that can be pressurizing. Rather expect to have adventures with that person, fall crazily in love but also expect that your heart might get broken too. And remember there is no right or wrong way to love a person. You just love a person.

And to be honest, as the days pass by, it will not easy at all. It going to get difficult, but with that person, is worth all those difficulties. And even though it does not get easier, it surely does get amazing. Each and every passing day.

So, if you are scared, I think you should take the leap of faith, and do it. Just don’t expect things to be in your favor because always remember, the most amazing things that can happen to a human being can happen to you too if you lower expectations.

So, if you have a big crush on someone but are not sure if things will go in your favor or not, at the very least, make sure that that person knows how you feel about it.

If you are in a big fight with your partner or have some misunderstandings, make sure that before sleeping tonight, you sort it out and let them know how much you love them because not everyone is lucky enough to have their loved ones in their life, and you have the opportunity to enjoy the luck.

And here is a little something for you:

Love is loyalty.
It will always have your back.
It will bravely stand in front of you
If someone should attack.

Somedays it will let you down
Some days it will not
It will be that one true constant
When there’s no one else around.

Love is friendship
And mutual respect,
A bond that should not be easy to break,
No matter how far it may be stretched.

Love will always want the best for you
And will help you if it can,
And when this crazy world confuses you,
Love will help you understand.

Love is not betrayal.
It can look you in the eye
Love will not degrade you
Or destroy your self-esteem.
Or belittle all your dreams.

Love will not abandon you,
No matter how difficult things get.
Love will create sweet as well as bitter memories
But each memory would make you feel more and more alive

But where there are beginnings,
There will sometimes be an end too.

To love is human nature;
And is a crucial part of life.
It may not always come so easily,
But it will be worth the fight.

Love comes in every shape and size,
And we can love in different ways.
It will still remain alive in us,
When everything else has passed away.

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